Casino Bitcasino IO review: What does the editorial staff think?

We decided to think outside the box to be able to test the Bitcasino IO casino . Note that this only allows deposits and withdrawals based on cryptocurrencies, and this, exclusively. It has of course advantages, but also several disadvantages  that we suggest you discover following this article!

Deposits and withdrawals at Bitcasino IO casino

If there is one thing that is particularly simplified  at Bitcasino IO , it will certainly be  the process of deposit and withdrawal . These two steps can be done instantly (including withdrawals, unlike those made using conventional methods). The process remains more or less the same, since it simply requires following the following steps:

  • Connect to the customer area;
  • Click on the user space or on the “+” symbol;
  • Select the withdrawal option or the deposit option;
  • Specify the desired cryptocurrency;
  • Continue the rest of the steps depending on the currency selected.

In principle, the steps remain very simple and quick. You will see that your funds will be automatically transferred to Bitcasino IO , or automatically transferred to your personal account (during a withdrawal in particular) after the end of the process. If you have any concerns, it is more than advisable to contact Bitcasino customer service and explain your problem to them in detail. Customer service can be reached through several means, responsiveness is also there to provide you with answers to your questions!

Bonuses and promotions at Bitcasino IO casino

What would a casino be without  the bonus part? These are numerous on  the Bitcasino IO casino, but are most often subject to constraints and percentages, which can prevent you from immediately withdrawing your winnings and make you have to make even more bets in order to multiply the sums won so that we can finally withdraw the money won in the first place.

This poses a problem for many Bitcasino IO customers whose complaints remain unheard. The casino tries to brush players in the direction of the hair by offering them slightly lower rates and easier to achieve when it concerns games like slot machines (clearly the most highlighted game in this casino). You can consult our bitcasino io test for more information.

Pros and Cons of Bitcasino IO Casino

We continue with the strengths and weaknesses of this casino. Among the advantages of Bitcasino IO , we cannot overlook its excellent VIP service , which offers customers promotions and other bonuses rarely seen elsewhere, including invitations to major events such as the F1 race or the Champions League final. However, joining this very selective space is done by invitation which will only be sent to the most deserving who show their motivation. The main drawback of Bitcasino IO  is the fact that it is not only focused on cryptocurrencies (which can be problematic for many customers), but also and above all, that it imposes too restrictive withdrawal conditions unfortunately.

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